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So, uh, you already read my elevator pitch on the home page but I guess you want to know more. I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area with my wife and two dogs. If I’m not working I am usually trying to entertain 1 or more of the previously mentioned mammals.

My childhood was spread across the United States but I was fortunate enough to have parents that valued being outdoors. This usually resulted in several camping trips each year. The impressions about being in nature certainly stayed with me and I have been trying to reintegrate that into my life as an adult. Much of the content I draft on this site is driven by my literary and visual appreciation of the American West.

If you wanted to reach out to me, email is probably best. Just use rya//n@ba//gley.io and remove the 4 slashes. Other communities I regularly participate in are listed below. Although, I am not really active on the last 3 but keep them around for who knows what.

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